The work plan is structured in three Work Packages (WPs), (WP1) the design & layout, (WP2) development of the prototype, and (WP3) testing of the prototype developed. WP4 is dedicated to the overall management of the project, while WP5 is focussed on disseminating the outcome.

WP1 will design the integrated post-processing method for fast and accurate post-processing of complex shaped 3D printed metal parts. WP1 will focus on designing tools, algorithms, methods and software that will provide an interface with commercial CAM products.

will develop a prototype based on existing technology for the integrated system for post-processing AM parts. The work package is divided into two main phases; one focussed on process development and the second on tool development.

will ensure effective knowledge transfer for the partners at the start of the project, and manage the continued technical development throughout. WP3 will also coordinate the physical integration and demonstration of the integrated 3D printing and post-processing prototype.

will focus on managing the project; coordinating the project deliverables, administration, finance and the consortium. The Steering Committee, composed of all project partners, will contribute to the reports and deliverables.

will disseminate the capability of metal 3D printing technology and the integrated solution developed from this project combining 3D printing with post-processing. This will increase the awareness of the technology and its capability, overcome barriers to its adoption, and stimulate innovations across many sectors in the 2Seas region.
Education of end users looking to exploit the benefits of AM is key in enabling this technology and moving it to a true manufacturing process. To enable this an Online Learning Resource (OLR) will be created to disseminate project results and AM design rules, material selection and finishing techniques and processes. There will be a series of regional and cross-border events delivering awareness of metal 3D printing and post-processing technologies, the development of a number of typical applications cases in a variety of sectors, and stimulating innovation in different sectors by showcasing the developed solutions using the application cases as examples.
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