Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (in the form of RDM Centre of Expertise)
RDM Centre of Expertise (RDM CoE) is a centre of expertise of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS), recognized and supported by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Within the RDM CoE education institutes, research centres and businesses work together to better technical education, improve knowledge and on sustainable innovations. RDM CoE has extensive knowledge about organizing multi-disciplinary innovation teams where students, professionals and academics work together in new, still evolving techniques such as 3D metal printing.

RDM Makerspace
RDM Makerspace acts as a gym for people who want to make things and provides access to machines and facilities for making: woodworking, metalworking and digital production. RDM Makespace has a community of makers and companies using the equipment. RDM Makerspace provides space and machines to build the eventual setup.

Hittech Multin
Hittech Multin manufactures and develops high precision components and systems for four main industry customers: semi-conductor industry, medical industry, laboratory automation, and packaging and graphics industries. Hittech Multin carries out high end precision machining of complex components, finishing of 3D prints, development of 3D prints, and research into print technology for precision parts.

3T RPD Ltd. has over 10 years of experience in Additive Manufacturing (AM), 3D printing of metals and plastics. 3T RPD is able to build parts with a high accuracy and excellent mechanical properties. They are supplier in the Aerospace, Motorsport (F1) and medical industries. 3T RPD has a strong R&D department for technology development.

TNO developed a hybrid AM research platform that is used to investigate pre-processing, continuous AM, post-processing (like selective ablation), inline metrology and pick & place technology building blocks for the flexible and hybrid manufacturing of customized parts.

University of Exeter
An important research line in the research group – Exeter Manufacturing Enterprise Centre (XMEC) relates to how to remove barriers to the wide scale adoption of metal additive manufacturing in industry. Research include methodologies to support design for 3D printing, supply chain integration and new manufacturing strategies. The research group also has a lot of expertise in conversion of scanned data to solid models and the downstream CAD/CAM integration with CNC.

ARGON has over 10 years of experience in 3D laser-scanning and white light technology combined with knowledge in automation and robotics. Although located outside the 2Seas area, Argon is the only company that combines the amount of engineers with the specific skills. Argon has over 30 highly skilled measurement engineers. The automation department has experience with similar scanning projects in aerospace, automotive and plastics.
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