Newsletter #9

Future Flux Festival
The Interreg 2Seas 3D&FPP project was one of the 72 projects present at Future Flux Festival on July 4th, 2019. This festival on technology and innovation, accompanied with live music attracted over 2,000 visitors. A team of students presented their work on demonstrating the flexible post processing (FPP) solution and gave a sneak preview of the demo setup, including a pocket NC. For an impression of the festival watch this video (snapshots of 3D&FPP at 10s. and 40s.)
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Demo Day – September 19th, 2019
Now the project of integrating 3D metal printing and flexible post processing is near to completion, we are eager, proud and happy to show the results. We would like to invite you to our demonstration event in the afternoon of September 19th, 2019 at RDM Next, Rotterdam [NL]. During the event a live demonstration of the flexible post processing solution will be given, showing the advantages and benefits with the aid of user cases. There will be Q&A sessions, you can meet-and-greet with the 3D&FPP experts and observer partners, and the event will end with networking drinks. Registration details will follow in August 2019, but please save the date!

Provisional Program 3D&FPP Demo Day, September 19th, 2019

13.30 Registration and welcome
14.00 Introduction to 3D&FPP and the Flexible Post Processing solution Q&A sessions with the experts
15.00 Live demonstration of FPP
16.00 Closing remarks and networking drinks


RDM Next, RDM Heijplaat, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
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