Newsletter #08

Interreg 2Seas Mid Term Event

The 3D&FPP project was one of the 58 projects present at the 2Seas Mid Term Review Event in Ghent, Belgium. During this two-day event over 400 participants attended the workshops and exhibition of approx. 60 projects. This was the ultimate opportunity to exchange knowledge, experience and project achievements. Beside our specific
project video, the 3D&FPP project also served as showcase for the objectives of the Interreg 2 Seas programme.
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Student involvement
Since March several student teams have been working on the challenges of the Flexible Post Processing solution (FPP). Five teams of Rotterdam Business School students started their research on the economic benefits and possible business models. One team researched the impact on the aviation industry and has been offered an assignment in a summer school setting for further processing their report. This will serve as input for our research on the technical and economic validation of the FPP as a whole.
Besides this assignment, a team of Engineering and Applied Science students specialized in mechatronics is working on the setup and operation of a desktop version of the integrated flexible post processing solution of 3D metal printed parts for demonstration purposes. Because of the size of the machinery involved, a mock-up of the full process is impossible. Selecting a scanner, rotating platform and CNC machine is quite a task, as they all have to fit the compact scale of demonstration. the project therefore had to compromise on reproducing the actual process with a realistic demonstration. They will present their work on July 4th, during Future Flux Festival at RDM Rotterdam (NL).
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Demo Day – September 19th, 2019!
As stated in our previous newsletter, the ultimate test for the 3D&FPP project and partnership will be the demonstration of the flexible post processing solution. We herewith invite you to attend the demonstration in the afternoon (welcome from 13:30, start at 14:00) of September 19th, 2019 at RDM Makerspace, Rotterdam (NL). During the event a live demonstration of the FPP solution will be given, showing the advantages and benefits with the aid of user cases. You can meet-and-greet with the 3D&FPP experts and observer partners and it will be a great opportunity for networking.

Upcoming events

  • Future Flux Festival with sneak preview of the demo setup of the Integrated Flexible Post Processing solution, July 4th, RDM Innovation Dock, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for more info and tickets see their website
  • 3D&FPP Demo Day, September 19th, RDM Makerspace, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
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