Newsletter #07

Final Stage!
When turning 2019, the project entered the final stage in the project and as the adage goes: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. A dry run test of the post processing solution already underpinned confidence in a flexible post processing solution: not only is it possible, it is also viable. But to what degree will be established during the upcoming tests and demonstration event.
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Prototyping Expo
On November 7th and 8th the 3D&FPP partnership was present at the Prototyping Expo in Kortrijk, Belgium. Mr. Lengkeek took the audience along the challenges in 3D printing of large and small objects, postprocessing and integrating the two. He noted that integration of post processing requires cunning solutions for clamping, mapping and milling and polishing. This then has to be implemented into one smart and efficient production chain. The challenge is to locate and map the object, establish and translate the required post processing steps with a minimum of support structures and reclamping and repositioning actions. The partnership developed an algorithm with cloud-based compiler, functioning as add-on to existing machines. Since existing machines have a typical lifespan of 10-15 years, the post processing solution can be retrofitted.

Attract and Attractive user cases
The presence on the Prototyping Expo fair not only served as a nice platform to present our project and result, we also came into contact with two new organizations interested in providing a user case. Engie Fabricom (B) provided a complex manifold and with Sarolea (B) we are currently discussing a suitable part from their full electric motorcycle.
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Demo day - Save the date
Besides the quantitative test for the economic and technical validity of the solution, the ultimate test will be the demonstration of the flexible post processing solution to the public. We herewith invite you to attend the demonstration on the afternoon of September 19th, 2019 at RDM Makerspace, Rotterdam [NL]. During the event the solution will be demonstrated, you can meet-and-greet the experts and suppliers of the user cases and there will be a great opportunity for networking.

Dissemination in the regions
The second half of 2019 will be devoted to communicating the findings of the project in the regions of the 2 Seas Programme that co-funded the project. We are developing a demonstrator with which we can communicate the developed solution at conferences and fairs. We have budget to visit one or two of those events in the four countries (B, NL, FR and UK). If you have suggestions for events where our audience is present, please let us know. Also if you would explore the opportunity to organise such an event for your constituency.

Upcoming events
  • 2Seas Mid Term Review, for project applicants, partners of approved projects and anyone interested in discovering the Interreg 2 Seas achievements. April, 25th & 26th, International Convention Center – Ghent, Belgium
  • 3D&FPP Demo Day, September 19th, RDM Makerspace, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
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