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Interreg 2Seas 3D&FPP
The 3D&FPP project researches the integration of post-processing and 3D metal printing, especially for high precision parts. In 2016 this project was granted funding from the Interreg 2 Seas programme 2014-2020 co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. 3D&FPP aims to result in a reduction of production time of 50% and a reduction of production cost of 30% by developing a flexible and affordable post processing solution (FPP).
Films and visuals
The project is coming to its final stage and the FPP solution was developed and presented. A documentary covering the entire project from start to end has been published. For a quick impression of the project and its achievements watch our video.
For a quick impression of the project and its achievements watch our video.
For a more in-depth view of the FPP solution you can also download our infographic:
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In addition to this, the short film that was published in the last newsletter documenting the demo day of September 19th, 2019, is now available with English subtitles.
You can watch it here.
Smart Factory Expo Liverpool, UK
The Interreg 2Seas 3D&FPP project was one of the over 150 exhibitors at the Smart Factory Expo in Liverpool on November 13th and 14th. This expo was held to showcase all kinds of technologies and innovations and attracted over 6,000 visitors representing various manufacturers from all over the United Kingdom. 3D&FPP representatives from RDM Makerspace and 3T Additive Manufacturing presented the findings and results of the project in a similar manner as the previously held Demo Day on the 19th of September 2019, at RDM Makerspace. A live demonstration was given of the FPP solution and its advantages and benefits.
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On the road!
The 3D&FPP partnership has a live demonstration set-up available and is therefore able to demonstrate its FPP solution on site. For more information on the FPP or a live demonstration, please contact Jurjen Lengkeek.
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Closure of 3D&FPP project
In the coming weeks, a lot of effort will be put into the closing of the project, completing all mandatory deliverables and output reports before the project’s final conclusion on December 31st, 2019. The final report will be available for downloading by December 31st 2019.
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